Flexibility when you need it,
Direction when you don't

Eudits allows users to create custom audits, that look and feel like what familiar, whilst following best practice

Eudits change to suit your needs, no rigid forms

Eudits simplifies best practice, enabling users to focus on audit outcomes reducing admin, process and repetition for technical audits

Eudits audits are completely user customisable with traceability and transparency inbuilt into all processes. The prepare, perform, present, prevent aligns to best practice, enabling results not admin.

The intuitive interface is user customisable allowing users to create formatted reports that suits the audits needs, whilst the advanced data associations works in the background to enables the user to see and track what's important.

The 5th P - Profit. Audits are designed to improve asset performance or meet regulatory requirements, an inefficient auditing process costs asset and personnel downtime, missed improvement opportunities and additional resources overtime.


Prepare audits using a vertical canvas interface that suit your needs

Unlike many other audit systems, the user first design leaves you in control of the layout, look and feel of the audit, with systems and process tailored to improve the process and user experience. Advanced templating options lets you bulk update, adjust and reuse templates without limitations often seen with templated systems.

Perform audits in field or desktop, capturing results with a variety of tools

The audit can be completed on or offline, using the audit created in prepare, the auditor simple adds data, comments, photos or documents and lets the system look after the rest.


Present audit outputs in quickly and easily, with automated formatted reports and the ability to export results

Once the audit is completed, the auditor can automatically generate a PDF report, ready to share with customers or asset owners. This report is confirgured in Prepare to look like professional reports you are currently using.


Prevent issues from re-occurring through track and monitoring

Track audit outcomes to ensure results are met, perform analysis on the audit outputs, link the unique meta data (that is user created and customised) or create asset benchmarks. With quality data in the system analysis and prevention takes a new path.


Eudits is a user customisable auditing platform that enables technical users to complete complex audits performed by people.


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